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Dr. Appelbaum is a foremost expert in the area of psychological evaluations of immigration cases, his practice specializing in this area since 2001. Over the years he has developed long term relationships with a large number of attorneys in the New York/New Jersey area. These relationships ultimately speak to a level of professionalism, attention to detail, responsiveness and most of all consistently effective psychological evaluations. 

For the past 20 years, Dr. Appelbaum has worked on a long term basis with countless immigration attorneys, preparing psychological evaluations relevant to all areas of immigration.

Dr. Appelbaum’s expertise ensures that each client receives a comprehensive, scientifically-based report that is clear, individualized and persuasive.

He utilizes a scientific format that incorporates multiple extended clinical interviews, empirical psychological testing, and DSM format diagnoses.

Dr. Appelbaum works in a timely and responsive way that has led to long-standing and successful relationships with numerous attorneys and clients who value his highly effective reports.


Dr. Appelbaum has extensive expertise in these areas of evaluation:

For the past twenty years, Dr. Appelbaum has performed hundreds of Extreme Hardship evaluations of both adults and children. His clinical expertise helps clients readily connect and feel comfortable speaking in-depth about all relevant areas of their lives, past and present. 

Information from multiple client sessions, psychological testing, research, and relevant supporting records are integrated into a detailed, compelling psychological evaluation that addresses the issue of extreme hardship in a comprehensive and effective format.   

extreme hardship

extreme hardship

Psychological Evaluations of Victims of Spousal Abuse are focused on the extreme cruelty, emotional and physical abuse experienced in the marital relationship, as well as the resulting psychological damage.  Undocumented immigrants can find themselves subjected to spousal abuse due to power inequities, threats of deportation, and other physically and emotionally damaging practices. Men, as well as women, can be victims of Domestic Abuse. 


These individuals often suffer Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress, and other debilitating psychological symptoms as a consequence of these abusive relationships. In preparing a psychological report of Spousal Abuse, Dr. Appelbaum works with clients in a therapeutic, supportive manner, documenting in detail the specific abuses suffered, the resulting psychological harm and recommendations for further follow-up.    

spousal abuse

Individuals seeking Asylum in the United States have suffered threats to their safety and life in their country of origin including: political persecution, violence, torture, female genital mutilation and numerous other forms of persecution and abuse. Many victims suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other debilitating Psychological conditions.  Dr. Appelbaum has worked extensively with these individuals, helping them to articulate and process the traumas they have endured. 


Psychological evaluations in Asylum cases focus on providing evidence of the abuses, their resulting psychological impact and the dangers both psychological and physical to the individual in returning to their country of origin. Where applicable,  evaluations also focus on documenting mitigating factors in a delay in filing an Asylum application within the one year required time period.


Dr. Appelbaum performs evaluations of individuals applying for a U -Visa based on being the victim of a crime. These evaluations focus on the nature and circumstances of the crime itself, efforts to assist authorities, and the psychological trauma of being a crime victim, often including intense fear, depression, as well as emotional and physical trauma. As in other evaluations, meeting with the client for multiple sessions, psychological testing and the use of DSM diagnoses offers compelling evidence in these cases.


Exceptions to the Citizenship Examination. This evaluation requires completion of the N-648 form by a Licensed Psychologist or another medical professional. Dr. Appelbaum takes a detailed clinical history, as well as administering psychological tests of intelligence, memory and/or concentration. Based on an initial screening, Dr. Appelbaum will provide feedback as to whether the client meets the guidelines for completion of the form. 

Dr. Appelbaum has performed and supervised numerous N-648 evaluations, with extensive experience in the detailed completion of this form in a manner acceptable to Immigration, typically resulting in an exception being granted.

Medical Certification

for Disability



Dr. Appelbaum is available for testifying as an expert witness in immigration proceedings, having served as an expert in Immigration and in Federal Court. Dr. Appelbaum represents his findings in a clear, compelling and professional manner.

court testimony



Dr. Appelbaum also handles the following additional services related to Immigration cases: 

other services



  • Individuals in detention facilities

  • Clients outside of the United States (via Skype) 

  • In-home evaluations. 

  • Spanish Language evaluations (with translator)

Please feel free to consult with Dr. Appelbaum regarding your client’s specific need. 

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